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At WTP Advisory, we provide comprehensive Facilities Management Advisory services to private and public sector clients who wish to establish and implement Facilities Management strategies that are linked to their key business objectives.


WTP Advisory has worked with the private and public sector to develop experience to define the project scope and deliver a wide range of Capex projects within available budgets.  Working closely with Property and Asset Managers, WTPA provides structure and appropriate budgets to often undefined and complex renewal projects.


Before a Detailed Seismic Assessment is even carried out, WTPA does not rule out the possibility of the asset being Earthquake Prone. This is to avoid surprises should the worst case eventuate and to ensure the design team and process are established and managed all the way through the assessment period, design phase, costing and funding approvals and into the construction delivery.


WTP Advisory has worked with the private and public sector to develop experience in providing both end to end Programme and Project Management nationally.  Our past success ensures we provide a real focus during the pre-construction phase to ensure that often vague scope is developed and the structure of projects and/or programmes are clearly thought through, communicated to all key stakeholders and that approvals are received for all aspects of the project including the budget which is supported by a robust cost plan.